Wednesday, August 8, 2018


New ATP Check

The database table VBBS contained pre-aggregated sales requirements. The requested (OMENG) and confirmed (VMENG) quantities have been aggregated on a daily basis. With the new HANA ATP we do not need pre-aggregation anymore and therefore this table is obsolete. Instead of the VBBS we use the VBBE where each ATP-relevant requirement is explicitly stored. The old ERPATP-check coding is redirected to use VBBE, too. 

S/4 HANA Finance Tables

The following tables were replaced by SAP HANA views with the same names:
  • The line item, totals tables and application index tables of General Ledger Accounting (GLT0, BSIS, BSAS and FAGLFLEXA, FAGLFLEXT, FAGLBSIS, FAGLBSAS)
  • The totals tables and application index tables of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (KNC1, KNC3, LFC1, LFC3, BSID, BSIK, BSAD, BSAK)
  • The line item and totals tables of Controlling (COEP for certain value types, COSP and COSS)
  • The material ledger tables for parallel valuations (MLIT, MLPP, MLPPF, MLCR, MLCD, CKMI1, BSIM)
  • The Asset Accounting tables (ANEK, ANEP, ANEA, ANLP, ANLC)