Sunday, March 4, 2018

Challenges in any SAP Project

1) Long project duration, SAP releases newer versions and by the time you are in Production you are already late by a year.

2) Reports are postponed to the end , instead this should be the first to be visited.

3) End-user involvement at the end.

4) Let project teams transport changes fastly.

5) HANA code remediation, reduce up to 30%  lines of code and improve application server performance by using features like
  Table Expressions, instead of doing expensive LOOP
  in the API world, each second is a light year.

6) Instead of running at full capacity after go-live, gradually increase the capacity. If the system is running 24x7, you won't have downtime to fix the issues immediately. And also problems get added.

7) Data Migrations: Do not make Warehouse layout changes with new systems. First, migrate the data as it is, and then make the layout changes if needed.

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