Monday, October 23, 2017

Function Module auto-generate variable names

It is known fact that you have the Pattern button in SE38 to generate code to call a function module. But do you know that the system can automatically generate the variable names for the parameters of the function modules?

This is very useful when you want to standard BAPIs which have hundreds of variable names.

How to turn on this setting?

In SE38, goto menu Utilities->ABAP Editor->Pattern

Turn on the checkbox for "Name of Actual Parameters Same as Formal parameter"

And next time when you use the Pattern to call a function module, you will see corresponding variable names auto-created by the system.

For example see below


*   PRHEADER                     = PRHEADER
*   PRHEADERX                    = PRHEADERX
*   TESTRUN                      = TESTRUN
*   NUMBER                       = NUMBER

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