Sunday, July 9, 2017

SAP Cloud Platform Services

SAP Cloud Platform provides the following services:
The authorization management service REST API provides functionality to manage roles of your applications and their assignments to users.
You can build business services and Builder modules for YaaS on SAP Cloud Platform, and then use those services in cloud applications which again can run on SAP Cloud Platform.
SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity provides a secure, reliable and easy-to-consume access to business systems, running either on-premise or in the cloud. SAP Cloud Platform provides a trusted channel to your business systems while, at the same time, your IT administrator has complete control and auditability of what is technically exposed to the on-demand world.
Offers microservices for address cleansing, geocoding, and reverse geocoding. Enables you to embed address cleansing and enrichment services within any business process or application so that you can quickly reap the value of complete and accurate address data.
Enables you to inspect a Java application's runtime behavior and state.
SAP Cloud Platform Document service provides a content repository for unstructured or semi-structured content. Applications access it using the OASIS standard protocol Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS). The applications consume the service using the provided client library.
SAP Cloud Platform, feedback service provides developers, customers, and partners with the option to collect end-user feedback for their applications. The feedback service also delivers detailed text analysis of user sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral). The feedback service consists of a client API, exposed through the HTTPS REST protocol, and administration and analysis user interface.
The feedback service is a beta functionality that is available on the SAP Cloud Platform trial landscape for developer accounts.
SAP Cloud Platform Forms by Adobe is a solution for generating print and interactive forms using Adobe Document Services running on SAP Cloud Platform.
The SAP Cloud Platform, gamification service enables the rapid introduction of gamification concepts into applications. The service includes an online development and administration environment (gamification workbench) for easy implementation and analysis of gamification concepts. The underlying gamification rule management provides support for sophisticated gamification concepts, covering time constraints, complex nested missions and collaborative games. The built-in analytics module makes it possible to perform advanced analysis of the player's behavior to facilitate continuous improvement of game concepts.
SAP Cloud Platform Git service enables you to store and version source code of applications, for example HTML5 and Java applications, in Git repositories.
OData provisioning is a solution that enables you to consume data from an SAP Business Suite backend system in SAP Cloud Platform. It establishes a connection between SAP Business Suite data and target clients, platforms, and programming framework. OData provisioning exposes business data and business logic as OData services on SAP Cloud Platform, enabling customers to run user-centric approach on SAP Cloud Platform.
Identity Provisioning Service automates provisioning and de-provisioning of identities and authorizations for cloud applications. It provides secure, fast and efficient identity lifecycle management in the cloud. The service can use existing corporate identity stores (LDAP, ABAP and others) as identity source systems.
The Internet of Things Service is designed to facilitate and support the implementation of Internet of Things applications. The service provides interfaces for registering devices and their specific data types, sending data to a database running on SAP Cloud Platform in a secure and efficient manner, storing the data in SAP Cloud Platform as well as provide easy access to the data stored.
Provides a repository for cryptographic keys and certificates to the applications hosted on SAP Cloud Platform.
The lifecycle REST API provides functionality for application lifecycle management.
The monitoring service REST API enables you to fetch the overall monitoring status and detailed metric values for your Java applications.
After the OAuth-protected application (resource server) is deployed in SAP Cloud Platform, configure the OAuth authorizations to define the clients authorized to access the application and other communication information with them.
Performance statistics enable you to monitor the resources used by your applications and to investigate the causes of performance issues.
SAP Cloud Platform, persistence service provides in-memory and relational persistence. All maintenance activities, such as data replication, backup and recovery, are handled by the platform.
SAP Cloud Platform, predictive services is a collection of RESTful web services that deliver business analytics insights. The services are ready to be integrated in your cloud applications and extensions.
Using SAP JVM Profiler, you can analyze resource-related problems in your Java application regardless of whether the JVM is running locally or on the cloud.
SAP Cloud Platform provides a service for synchronizing huge numbers of remote databases into a consolidated SAP HANA database in the cloud. This service is based on SAP SQL AnywhereInformation published on SAP site and its MobiLinkInformation published on SAP site technology.
To get access to MobiLink, you need to request it by creating an IT/IBC ticket to component BC-NEO-CON.
Identity Authentication is a cloud solution for identity lifecycle management. It provides services for user login, registration, authentication, and access to SAP Cloud Platform applications.
SAP Cloud Platform is an open, standard-based cloud platform that enables simplified mobile application development, configuration, and management.
Portal service is a cloud-based solution for easy site creation and consumption with a superior user experience. Designed primarily for mobile consumption, it runs on top of SAP HANA Cloud and is built to operate with SAP HANA, for in-memory computing.
Build socially-infused applications on the SAP Cloud Platform with SAP Jam. SAP Jam delivers secure, social collaboration that extends across SAP's entire technology landscape - giving you social capabilities where and when you need them in your business processes.
For more information, refer to our SAP Jam Developer Guide for HANA Cloud Platform.
To get support, visit our SAP Jam communityInformation published on SAP site.
SAP Document Center is a solution that protects your content in an easy-to-use native mobile application, giving users anytime, anywhere access to view, edit, and collaborate on corporate and personal documents.
Enterprise Messaging (Beta) is SAP’s scalable, robust, and reliable messaging-as-a-service in the Cloud. This service enables you to manage connectivity between different applications that are even based on different technology platforms.
SAP Translation Hub enables customers and partners to satisfy the demands of a global market by translating the short texts of products into additional languages.

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