Friday, July 12, 2013


If the BAPI list from backend SAP is blank when you are creating MBO, follow the instructions in the Note
Note 706195 - BAPIs are missing in the component hierarchy display

    1. Missing index structure
An index is built in the ABAP Workbench for efficient browsing of the application hierarchy. This is performed by a background job that is scheduled the first time the ABAP Workbench is started (SE80).
The index can be custom built as follows by the user:
  • Call the test environment for function modules (SE37 -> Test) for function module RS_COMPONENT_VIEW.
  • Test the function module RS_COMPONENT_VIEW in sequence with the following parameter set-up (all default values, except for those specified):
      REFRESH    = 'X'

      REFRESH    = 'X'

      REFRESH     = 'X'
           When testing, ensure that you retain the specified sequence.

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