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Where are GOS Attachments saved?

Where are GOS Attachments saved?

Storing attachments using generic services
The generic object services offer a separate option via the 'Copy desktop document', 'Connect Internet address (URL)' and 'Create a note' services to add an attachment to a business document.As of Release 4.6C, these services are called 'Create attachment', 'Create an external document (URL)' and 'Create a note'.
These services should enable the end user to easily enter attachments without document characters (memos).Correspondingly, there is no archiving concept for this type of attachment.
Technically speaking, notes, PC attachments and URLs are treated as SAPoffice documents and result in corresponding entries in the SOOD and SOFM tables. The contents of the attachments are stored in the SOC3 table.As of Release 4.6B, the contents of PC attachments are stored using the Knowledge Provider (KPro).The KPro allows you to connect an external storage system so that the contents of the PC attachments no longer place a burden on the database. If an external storage system is not connected, the contents of the PC attachments are written to the SOFFCONT1 table as of Release 4.6B.The administrative information necessary to locate the document in the Kpro is in the SOC3 table.
The content of notes and URLs continues to be stored in the SOC3 table.As these documents are usually small, the additional effort involved in storing them in the KPro is not justified.
If the PC attachments are not to be stored in the SOFFCONT1 table, you must assign a category to the SOFFPHIO document class using transaction SKPR08. The category is created in transaction OACT and refers to a repository on a HTTP content server. If documents that have already been stored are to be moved to the content server, see note 389366.
For more information on connecting an external Content Server, see the online documentation for the SAP Knowledge Provider or the information available in the help portal under Basis -> Basis Services -> Business Workplace -> Administration of... -> Information on Documents... -> Configuring an HTTP Content Server for Documents.
The relationship between the attachments and the business documents is provided via the Object Relationship Service.

Note 530792 - Storing documents in the generic object services

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