Monday, April 30, 2012

SAP new editor multiline comment

Are you tired of trying "CTRL + \ " to do multi line comment in the new SAP editor ?

Try "CTRL + <" and "CTRL + >" to comment and uncomment .

The Format context menu (right click) text is incorrectly created -  it should say "CTRL + <" instead of "CTRL + \"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

SAP Add custom fields to VA05

You don't need to make a copy of VA05 to add custom fields, here are the instructions to do it

  • To add your field as one of the column on the output list, add it to structure  VBMTV 
          Add the logic to fill the value in user-exit VV05TFZ3/FORM END_MODIFICATION.
          Update the work area lvbmtv with the value what you want to display
  • To add to the selection-screen make an entry in the config table shown as below

               SPRO->Sales Distribution->Sales->List->Define selection criteria

              Added SAPMV75A 0 K SELK XXXXX  where XXXXX is your custom field


Design2003 CRM WEB UI

Are you getting below error in using CRM WEBUI with Mozilla/Firefox

SAP Note

    The following error text was processed in the system:
    : (*) This browser is not supported; for Design2003 the Internet Explorer as of 5.50 and the Mozilla as of 1.75 are supported


 Note 1691434 - Firefox user agent version of 'xy*.z*' parsed incorrectly

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Function Module to add Relation HRP1001

Are you looking for a Function Module to create "Head of Org Unit" relationship?
  Head of Org Unit is a A 012 relation between position and org unit.

call function 'OM_CREATE_NEW_RELATIONS' can do this for you.
And please note the changes will not get commited unless the  Function module  'RHOM_WRITE_BUFFER_TO_DB' is called.

You can use the above Function Modules to create any HR relationships (hrp1001)