Thursday, April 26, 2012

SAP Add custom fields to VA05

You don't need to make a copy of VA05 to add custom fields, here are the instructions to do it

  • To add your field as one of the column on the output list, add it to structure  VBMTV 
          Add the logic to fill the value in user-exit VV05TFZ3/FORM END_MODIFICATION.
          Update the work area lvbmtv with the value what you want to display
  • To add to the selection-screen make an entry in the config table shown as below

               SPRO->Sales Distribution->Sales->List->Define selection criteria

              Added SAPMV75A 0 K SELK XXXXX  where XXXXX is your custom field



  1. This is not true when you are trying to add customized fields in VA05 selection screen

  2. It worked perfectly for me....